Georges 934b
Georges Morizot - Chairman

After a career in technology transfer to transitional and developing countries within the field of mineral resources and environmental protection, as well as in the evaluation and setting-up of research and development projects, Georges Morizot was one of the founders of Gevalor, and became successively General Secretary and then Chairman in 2010. In this capacity, he has in particular established the possibilities of supporting waste management projects by carbon financing.

Philippe Delaporte
- Treasurer
After a training in finance and accountancy [ESCAE Lille], Philippe Delaporte worked for several years in civil engineering before taking up a career in a commercial public company specialised in « Earth Sciences » and then in a French-Australian mining company. His tasks included raising financing and trade finance guarantees for international projects as well as setting-up mining exploration projects and controlling their management. After retiring, he joined Gevalor in 2008.

Benjamin Fournier - General secretary

Benjamin Fournier has been a Gevalor member since 2009. The innovative character and the professionalism of the Association have motivated him to support its development and join the association during a sabbatical leave and to later join the Board. Benjamin Fournier became General Secretary in 2010. He is currently Project Manager of building works for a drinking water collection and for a wastewater treatment project in Eastern Europe.

Christine Moirod - Assistant general secretary
Retired from the public territorial service and with an experience in various fields and including economics, the management of cultural development and international relations. During 10 years in this role, Christine Moirod worked in the management of international collaboration projects and more specifically of a decentralised cooperation with Benin. Appreciating the team spirit of Gevalor and its ground work on the Parakou’s project, she wanted to continue this collaboration and to play a « hands on» role in improving the living conditions of the populations involved and joined the association in 2011.