Programme Africompost

Africompost Le programme Africompost, mené par le consortium GoodPlanet-Gevalor-ETC Terra, développe des unités de valorisation des déchets organiques dans 5 grandes villes africaines. Le tri et le compostage permettent d’améliorer la gestion locale des ordures ménagères, tout en en réduisant leur impact sur l’environnement. En outre, la production de compost contribue au développement de l’agriculture locale et s’accompagne de la création d’emplois pour les populations les plus défavorisées.


Re-Sources network

The Re-Sources network, created by 11 partners from the Northern and from the Southern hemisphere (of which Gevalor is the lead partner), has as its objective to respond to a major need for capitalisation, to inform local communities and state departments in their strategic choices in the sector of waste management and to train the people who are working onsite. This need is particularly acute for the reduction of waste, the development of the collection, the development of composting mechanisation and the recovery of plastics and of cardboard boxes


Compostage des jacinthes d'eau - Bénin

photo ACED2La jacinthe d’eau, dont la croissance est une des plus rapides du monde végétal, est une espèce envahissante qui nuit à la biodiversité aquatique du lac Nokoué au Bénin.

Ce projet, mené avec l'ACED, contribue à réduire l'emprise de la jacinthe par le développement de son compostage par les communautés villageoises et permet le développement d'un maraîchage agro-écologique.


Majunga's waste treatments platform (Madagascar)


A historical project of the Gevalor, supported since 2001, the composting unit is operated by MADACOMPOST, a limited company that also recycles abattoir waste and plastic bags. 


Lomes composting platform (Togo)

Initiated by the University of Lomé, in collaboration with ENPRO, the Togo-based NGO and operator of door-to-door pre-collection of waste, the composting unit aims at growing its activities and becoming financially self-sufficient by 2015.


Dschang's composting platform (Cameroon)

structure-dschang2Located in the heart of the Bamiléké country, which is well known for its intensive market gardening agriculture, the composting unit established by ERA Cameroon and by the Mayor’s office of Dschang will soon be expanding. 

A unifying project: Africompost


The Africompost Project is led by the GoodPlanet-Gevalor consortium in collaboration with ETC Terra. It offers to improve waste management by developing organic waste composting in 6 African cities. The sorting and the composting allow an improvement in the local processing of household waste whilst reducing its impact on the environment. Furthermore, the production of compost contributes to local agricultural development and the creation of jobs for the most disadvantaged populations. 

After a first investment and empowerment phase, the financial sustainability of the composting units will be assured by the combined sale of compost and of methane emission reductions provided by the controlled processing of waste. [Learn More]






3 questions to the chairman

3 questions to the chairman

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