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logo pdf  Article de la REPUBLIQUE DU CENTRE - Visite d'une délégation de la Ville d'Orléans à Parakou

C'est pas du vent - RFI

"C'est pas du vent", program from Anne-Cécile Bras

On air May 6th 2012

Collect and sort waste, methane emissions limitation, organic fertilizer... compost production has many advantages that multiply when projects are in megalopoles in less advances countries. Africompost project, led by GoodPlanet - Gevalor and ETC-Terra, develops composting platforms that treats organic matter in 6 african cities.

Invited: Georges Morizot, Gevalor's chairman 
Baptiste Flipo, Chief program at GoodPlanet 
Firmin Raonizanany, Madacompost manager 
Emmanuel Ngnikam, ERA Cameroun's chairman
Edem Koledzi and Gaïa Ludington, interviewed by Peter Dogbe at the composting platform in Lome, managed by ENRPO

Listen to the program: 1 (in french)

Listen to the prgram: 2 (in french)


logo pdf  AFRICOMPOST : Communiqué de Présentation (2 pages) 

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Synergie GI

Synergie GI

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3 questions to the chairman

3 questions to the chairman

Gevalor try to make a better w...


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