3 questions to the chairman

Georges 934bGeorges Morizot, Gevalor's chairman

What are the main stakes for waste management in developing countries? 

House hold waste management in developing countries has numerous stakes : the main one is probably public health which is directly affected by the environment quality (air, soils, water), environment being directly affected by a poor waste mangement. There are also stakes as resource preservation, creating jobs, local development and mainly agricultural, development and last but not least, struggle against climate change: waste management can have great impact on it, though it is little thought of. 

How can carbon finance can help waste management?

The major cause for poor waste management system in developing countries is the little financial means that municipalities are able to devote to waste. Carbon finance unable the possibility to valorize the positive impact on climate change of reducing methane emissions with a good waste management. Thus carbon finance can bring a complementary funding very appreciated by municipalities. Moreover reducing methane emissions is essential to limit climate change during critical years (15 -20 years). Carbon finance also unables a good management quality as they are regular quality control to verify the reality of emissions reductions.

What does Gevalor do to make this contrbution as helpfull as possible?

Gevalor try to make a better waste management in a city an irreversible mechanism, by helping its local partners to appropriate themself all the different aspects: organizational - technical and financial and get them to be entirely independant. 
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3 questions to the chairman

3 questions to the chairman

Gevalor try to make a better w...

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