In order to reach its objectives, namely the development of long-term waste recovery projects in developing countries, Gevalor needs professionals, with skills in various fields. Its projects require taking into account multiple technical, economic and institutional aspects.

Thanks to its voluntary workers and its employees, Gevalor benefits from professionals’ skills in a variety of operational domains amongst which are:

- The recovery of heterogeneous substances, from the perfection stage in the laboratory to the start-up of industrial units, including pilot demonstrations and the design of industrial workshops, whilst taking into consideration environmental constraints. These procedures include processes relating to organic substances (composting, methanisation or the preparation of alternative fuels) or other constituent parts such as plastics, glass, etc.

 - Agronomy, whether this be for checking or even improving the qualities of prepared inputs, or for advising farmers on the use of these inputs, or even for assisting in the development of markets.
1 Test poignee1- Institutional relations and contractual elements. In the majority of the countries in question, local councils are responsible for the management of household waste. Gevalor’s project cannot therefore be developed without their involvement. Because of this and considering the long-term horizon of the projects, it is essential for them to be conducted on a solid statutory and contractually basis, established both with the authorities and with the composting operators, or the buyers of tangible products (inputs, recycled products) or intangible products (emission reductions, public service activities or environmental services)

 - Public financing and carbon financing. Setting-up those activities requires a specific know-how, particularly with respect to carbon financing operations, based on international regulations, which are extremely stringent, and fast changing.  
 - Technical and economic feasibility. This is necessary both for comparing the various recovery options that can be considered and for defining the conditions of economic sustainability of a project.

- Marketing, which is essential for the development of the sale of processed products, which are often new products requiring to be imposed to the market. 

- Management, administration and accounting are essential areas of activity in order to monitor costs, prepare budgets and correctly manage the production units. 

- Project management in order to coordinate the development of each project and to organise specific action from specialists. 
The exercise of these different specialities is of course performed whilst taking into consideration the following concerns: strengthening of local 
capabilities, which is essential for the sustainability of the project, protection of the environment and, development with the jobs creation.


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