Majunga's waste treatments platform (Madagascar)


A historical project of the Gevalor, supported since 2001, the composting unit is operated by MADACOMPOST, a limited company that also recycles abattoir waste and plastic bags. 

Following outbreaks of plague and cholera in 2000 at Mahajanga, and within a difficult economic and social context, various participants have been mobilised in order to work on the improvement of the sanitary situation of the city.

The Tananamadio Association was set up in 2002 for recycling the household waste of Mahajanga. The GEVALOR Association has been established in 2004 in order to support and supervise the growth of this recovery project.

The household waste-composting unit was installed in 2004 replacing the landfill installation operated by GIZ. The quantities processed have progressively increased to 12,000t of waste per year, with around 100 workers. This transformation capability depends strongly upon the good operation of the collection and delivery of waste by the municipality, which is encountering major budgetary problems. Thanks to its income, the composting unit is attempting to improve the reliability of the collection system of the city by contributing to the tune of 30% to the costs of waste collection. 

Mahajanga2In the long term, the objective is to process 25,000t of raw waste per annum, with a production of 6000t of compost per year and a reduction of methane emissions to the level of 150 000t CO2e over 10 years.

Marketing of the compost will allow its use by semi-urban market gardeners and agro industries of the region, which will enable them to reduce their consumption of imported fertilisers and to permanently improve their soil structures. By capitalizing on the greenhouse effect gas reduction potential of the composting, the project obtained carbon certification in 2010 in accordance with the VCS (voluntary carbon standard) with support from the GoodPlanet Foundation.

The professionalization of the composting unit has led to it being managed as an SARL (Limited Company) in 2011. This company also works in the recycling of plastics in building components. [Learn more]
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