Plastic recycling project

After extracting the organic substances to be used in composting, a major proportion of the residual household refuse consist of plastic materials, which are often soiled soft polyester bags and occasionally PVC bags. But the classic procedures for recycling plastics using re-usable resins like virgin resin are, difficult to implement with these types of products, as they require a clean raw material which can only be obtained from these bags by means of washing them with a solution containing chemical elements. This washing process would be complex and wasteful. 

Gevalor with its partner MADACOMPOST has therefore developed another approach, which consists in using this plastic as a binder in a way similar to cement, in order to form building units such as paving stones or bricks obtained after moulding the melted material after fusion and being mixed with sand.


Mangatokana plastique1 

A semi-industrial production is being set-up at Mahajanga with MADACOMPOST thanks to financing from the Passemar Fund and to the Latécoère Prize.

Research and development work is ongoing in order to improve the fire resistance of these building units, which will in particular allow the production of tiles.

It is also considered to use this material for the construction of paving stones



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