Re-Sources network

The Re-Sources network, created by 11 partners from the Northern and from the Southern hemisphere (of which Gevalor is the lead partner), has as its objective to respond to a major need for capitalisation, to inform local communities and state departments in their strategic choices in the sector of waste management and to train the people who are working onsite. This need is particularly acute for the reduction of waste, the development of the collection, the development of composting mechanisation and the recovery of plastics and of cardboard boxes

Description of the project:

The capitalisation of the experiences will be organised within subject-related transnational working groups, associating the partners and other key persons. Workshops and on-site visits will enable participants to exchange information on their methods and their results. Pilot activities will be undertaken. Upon completion of this first phase, good practices will be validated and 10 manuals will be produced and distributed in order to enable the replication of experiences in more countries.

Furthermore, these working groups will produce training modules on the management of waste to be used by the technical departments of local communities, NGOs (non-governmental organisations) or national authorities. Upon completion of the project more than 300 persons will have been trained.

The end objective of this network is to bring to public decision-makers’ attention, clear messages on the strategies to be adopted in the reduction, re-utilisation and recovery of waste. To offset the urgent need for the managing of exponentially increasing quantities of waste produced by cities in the South, the network will look for economically and technically viable solutions having positive impacts for the populations.

The partners

 7 partners are involved in this project amongst which are 3 local operators involved in the field of waste recovery:  ENPRO (Togo), ERA Cameroon, Planète Contact (Benin), and 4 local NGOs: the GTVD Laboratory (Togo), the University of Mauritius, the University of Quisqueya (Haïti) and the 2IE (Burkina Faso), which are centres of training and research devoting part of their activities to the field of solid waste management.

Gevalor is the lead partner of the Re-Sources project. Furthermore, three other European partners bring their skills to this network:  CEFREPADE, which is an international network of North and South international experts, specialising in water, drainage, waste, energy and the environment, LVIA an international NGO involved since the 1990s in the field of drainage and management of solid urban waste, and plastics in particular and ETC Terra, a French international collaborative association that aims to reconcile natural capital and economic growth in Southern countries.

Duration of the project: 5 years (January 2013 to December 2017)

Total budget: 2.66 Million €

European Union: 1.99 Million €; Fonds Français pour l’Environnement Mondial: 0.35 Million €; Agence Française de Développement: 0.17 Million €; Co-financing of the partners: 0.14 Million €
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